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How It Works for Providers

Create Your Listing Profile Create Your Listing Profile Complete your microsite with the most up to date company description, services, qualifications, and locations. Users can search by these criteria to find you!
Get Discovered by Qualified Leads Get Discovered by Qualified Leads Potential customers will find you if you are listed in their search results. Complete your microsite and make sure you are found when you are needed most.
Receive Leads to Your Inbox! Receive Leads to Your Inbox! You will receive pre-qualified leads to your email. Log in to your dashboard and purchase ONLY the leads you are interested in.
Moderate Reviews & Ratings Moderate Reviews & Ratings Customers will be able to review the service they received which will increase your chances of getting more and more leads.  View your actual customer feedback and promote your best reviews to your profile!
Appear on the SciLocal Homepage Appear on the SciLocal Homepage Is your microsite not enough? Feel like you want maximum exposure to any and all visitors to the SciLocal? Contact us today to find out how you can boost your visibility.
Concierge Support and Services Concierge Support and Services Need additional help, our team is here to serve you. We are happy to assist you in reaching additional customers, and growing your business. Contact us today for a 1-1 consultation!

Common Questions

Why should I sign up?

SciLocal was designed to help customers find providers, and help providers get more business. You don't have to sign up, but your competition might get the new business!

My company is already in here, how do I claim it as mine?

You should be able to claim it during the sign-up process. However, if you have trouble, please contact us here and we'll help you sign up.

Can I have more than one location for my business?

Yes! We realize some companies have more than one location, and since we're in the business of finding local providers, we want to make sure you are as local as possible as much as possible. More locations only helps you get more business.

I'm a Resource Lab and my institution won't let me sign up, what do I do?

Often times institutions will let lab directors or professors do some consulting work. You might consider signing up as a consultant!

Can I create a profile without giving credit card information?

Yes! You will still get lead summaries delivered to your inbox, but you will not be able to contact them until you purchase the lead if you decide to do so.  You only purchase the leads that you want!

When do I get charged?

As a service provider, you will be charged when a lead is purchased.

What is a lead?

A lead is someone who is interested in paying for your services, and reaches out to inquire about your services. We do our best to qualify those leads to avoid spam or false leads.

Can I upgrade to more visibility?

Interested in advertising on our site or need additional service?  Contact Our Team today to get personalized service.

I see something that could be changed or improved on the site, will you fix it?

Yes! As you can imagine a comprehensive site such as SciLocal can miss a few things here and there. Please, if there is anything that can be improved, contact us.

I can provide various services, can I be listed with multiple classifications?

Yes, we realize often time people provide multiple services, such as contract services and professional services. You can be listed as both.

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